This course will enable technicians to master skills in all aspects of Orthodontic lab works,

training will be given by certified technicians and orthodontists.

we will ensure that you’re able to provide the best possible dental prosthetic work.

The course cover the following topics with 100 % hands on training.

I. Basic wire bending exercises Gauge 22 or 0.7mm

1. Straightening of wires (4 Nos.)

2. Bending of a equilateral triangle

3. Bending of a rectangle

4. Bending of a square

5. Bending of a circle

6. Bending of U.V.

II. Construction of Clasps (Both sides upper/lower) Gauge 22 or 0.7mm

1. 3/4 Clasp (C-Clasp)

2. Full Clasp (Jackson’s Crib)

3. Adam’s Clasp

4. Triangular Clasp

5.Ball end clasp

6.Modified Adams clasp for Twin block

III. Construction of Springs (on upper both sides) Gauge 24 or 0.5mm

1. Finger Spring

2. Single Cantelever Spring

3. Double Cantelever Spring (Z-Spring)

4. T-Springs on premolars

IV. Construction of Canine retractors Gauge 23 or 0.6mm

1. U – Loop canine retractor

(Both sides on upper & lower)

2. Helical canine retractor

(Both sides on upper & lower)

3. Buccal canine retractor:

– Self supported buccal canine retractor with

a) Sleeve – 5mm wire or 24 gauge

b) Sleeve – 19 gauge needle on any one side.

4. Palatal canine retractor on upper both sides Gauge 23 or 0.6mm

V. Labial Bow (Gauge 22 or 0.7mm) One on both upper and lower

A.short labial bow

B.Long labial bow.

C.Fitted labial bow

1. Adam’s Clasp on Anterior teeth Gauge 0.7mm

2. Modified Adam’s Clasp on upper arch Gauge 0.7mm

3. High Labial bow with Apron spring on upper arch

(Gauge of Labial bow – 0.9mm, Apron spring – 0.3mm)

4.Quad helix fabrication

Appliance Construction in Acrylic

1. Upper & Lower Hawley’s Appliance

2. Upper Hawley’s with Anterior bite plane

3. Upper Habit breaking Appliance

4. Upper Hawley’s with Posterior bite plane with `Z’ Spring

5. Beggs retainer fabrication

6. Lower inclined plane/Catalan’s Appliance

7. Upper Expansion plate with Expansion Screw

8.Twinblock construction.

9.Invisible retainers fabrication.

10.Tongue spike appliance fabrication and soldering

11.Trans palatal arch making and soldering to molar bands.

12.Oral screen fabrication.

13.lower lingual arch making

14.Rapid maxillary expander soldering

15.welding exercises

A. Molar bands making

B. Buccal tubes welding

C. Distal end shoe appliance

16.soldering exercises

17.Lower lip bumper fabrication

18.Head gear tubes acrylisation