Curriculum  is designed for dentists to get trained in all aspects of general dentistry and give confidence to start their own clinics.

this course will be more helpful to fresh graduates & for dentists who are off the dentistry and would like to come back to dental practice again.

Training cover all basic procedures, and participant will be treated as beginner

starting from  diagnosis,  step wise covering all aspects in dentistry extensively ,training will be on sufficient number of patients until participant is confident enough to treat  patients independently.

COURSE DURATION:  participant has option to  choose from one to six months.


Oral medicine

Pricipales of Diagnosis,
Taking case history
diagosis and management of oral diseases.
evaluation of oral cancers
diseases of jaws and teeth
Taking &Reading of x-rays, intra oral & extra oral
Bite-wing X-raysq
Periapical X-rays
Occlusal X-rays
Panoramic X-rays
Cephalometric projections

oral surgery

Local anesthetic administration
Dealing with medically comprimised patients.
Tooth removal,removal of impacted wisdom teeth,
Anterior apicoectomies,
Dento alveolar surgeries.
Bleeding control methods
Cysts and Tumors removal,
Techniques of incision & suturing
Management of fractures & TMJ disorders
Techniques of surgical exposure of unerrupted teeth
Alveloplasty & coronoplasty procedures
medical emergencies in dental practice


Access cavity preparation for each tooth,
how to locate canal orifices,
cleaning &shaping of root canals,
differant irrigating solutions,
various intracanal medicaments used in RCT
all types of obturation methods
to deal with calcified canals,curved and multiple canals.
techniques to deal with separated instruments.
single sitting RCT
hands& Rotary protapers.


crown & Bridges clinical procedures
tooth preparation.impression making
step by step training for complete dentures & partial dentures
design & fabrication techniques
temporary restorations
luting & cementing procedures


case selections
causes, symptoms and treatment of periodontal diseases
surical & non surgical
scaling , root planing, gingivectomy , gingivoplasty
flap surgeries for Pocket Reduction
Crown Lengthening procedures
different types of bone grafts & selection.


Local Anesthesia for Children
Pediatric Restorative Dentistry
Behavior Management
Cavity Preparation in Primary Teeth
Pulpotomy Technique
Pit and Fissure Sealant
Space Maintainers

Note : Partcipants are requested to book this course in advance ..since it is strictly very limited partcipants per batch

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