we have dedicated team to provide excellence in diagnosis services, second opinion and radiograph interpretations services across the globe.24/7 provides services to dentists that include diagnosis, second opinions, and interpretations of x-rays,OPG,CBCT,CT etc.

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We have the state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise available to provide round-the-clock, reliable, and accurate diagnosis to your patients.We provide you the best services on time, round-the-clock and at the best of costs.

Our team comprise most experienced professors in Oral medicine & Radiology,Oral Pathologists,Implantologists Orthodontists,Periodontists,Oral- Maxillo Facial Surgeons,Prosthodontists ,Pedodontists and Endodontists.

Our services will be great significant to you :-

  • When there is doubt in the accuracy of your diagnosis
  • Before a major surgical or dental procedure
  • when second opinion is required
  • In case of multidisciplinary review of the case is essential
  • In the case of a rare oral condition or lesion.

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What we Offer :


Second opinion

Interpretations of x-rays IOPA, BITE-WING, OPG (Panoramic)Extra Oral,

Tomograms, Sialography, CBCT SCAN & CT SCAN.

In order to get this service you need to send filled up patient history form including medical images and pictures taken with a camera of lesions. In case of radiographic interpretations ,upload quality x-rays and send them as attachments to our email :indiandentalacademy@gmail.com

Please download the patient form below  and fill up with as much as relevant information as possible and resend as attachment along with necessary images and radiographs.

Download Patient Form

The cost of this service is 20 USD per case  PAY NOW AND GET REPORT