Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom tooth:  The great 3rd molar as seen for one’s wisdom appears to be the sweetest of all to pronounce but when a dentist deals with it then the scenario reverts back.

Majority suffers from the problems related to it at the age of 17-25 yrs or even later…..

Our role as a dental surgeon is to make the individual getting out this problematic eruption & only an expert can do it properly.

Once you become confident enough, you will do it perfectly. For building up that confidence, we are standing beside you to teach everything in relation to this naughty little guy creating troubles.

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Our one day course covers:


Types of impaction & Radiographs necessary

Right Instruments Required for Surgery

Effective LA techniques

Various techniques of removal

Incisions& Suturing Techniques

*dry socket & other post operative complications & their management.

After all this we guarantee that Impaction will be none other than simple extraction for you.