Are you finding it difficult to read the black n white picture of oral cavity:

The Radiographs…?

The radiographic evaluation of dental & periodontal tissues is indeed a critical segment of comprehensive oral examination.

Well known to all that almost all the procedures in dentistry needs radiographs at some point of time…..& it becomes necessary for a dentist to know what these black n white picture wants to tell us about………

Are you finding it difficult to read these black & white pictures of oral cavity?

No need to worry now as Indian Dental Academy is here for you & there comes the training of how to read the Radiographs……

We are providing one day training to solve all the difficulties in reading the radiographs….Which  includes:

  • Ø Basics of radiation physics: principles n techniques
  • Ø Angulations
  • Ø Errors in radiographs
  • Ø Introduction to extra & intra-oral radiographs
  • Ø Identification of radiolucent n radio opaque landmarks
  • Ø Radiographic Diagnosis
  • Ø Interpretation of radiographs


After completion one will find it easier to convert the black n white pictures of radiographs into the best diagnostic tool meant for dental treatment & thereby ascertaining hisher DIAGNOSIS…