This method is one of the popular ways for weight loss in United States and other western countries, practicing from past 50 years. Clinical trails conducted and collected data.
Orthodontic jaw wiring is a method for treating compulsive overeating and obesity. The jaw wiring apparatus comprises orthodontic brackets attached to the teeth, with wire wrapped around or through the brackets. The brackets and wires are arranged in such a way as to suspend the patient’s lower jaw in a semi-closed, partially movable resting position. This permits a moderate amount of physiologic jaw movement and person resumed to normal activities and could speak normally. while preventing the eating of solid foods.

At Indian Dental Academy you can learn to perform this procedure to treat obesity.

Training cover :


How does it work?

How Is Jaw Wiring Performed?

Diet & Follow up

Eligibility : Dentists with any background.

Training Duration : one day ( 10 AM to 4 PM)