Knowledge of flap design is must with respect to biopsies, extractions, periodontal surgeries, cosmetic surgeries & dental implant therapies.

Excessive bone loss due to decay needs bone grafts which helps in replacement of damaged gums or tissues.

Flap surgery procedure becomes necessary when inflammation & deep pockets remain following deep scaling, curettage or medications.

Procedure includes removal of tartar deposits in order to reduce pockets thereby making the area clean.

For performing that one must know how to lift flaps & then suture them back after cleaning.

The Academy provides a unique way to learn the entire surgical techniques in a minimum period of time with most talented professionals.

Procedures to be covered includes

# Diagnosis and Treatment planning

# Armamentarium required for periodontal surgery

# Incision and suturing techniques

# Flap design &  Techniques

# Techniques to perform the surgery

# Selection of different grafts

# Periodontal Dressings

# post operative care and follow up

Upon completion of the course one should be able to manage almost all the basic types of flap designs & bone grafting techniques.