dental jewelllery trainingDENTAL JEWELLERY

Fashion is in the sky, & fashoholics stuck their eyes on the latest trends flowing in the air.

The era has arrived to have jewels on teeth. as dental jewellery

Adding charm to the smile is just a step away with dental jewels: SKYCE

The latest procedure in cosmetic dentistry

A jewel applied on the labial side of anterior attracts everyone.

It’s gaining popularity day by day due to its non invasive procedure & has become important for a dentist to learn it.

And we the leaders provides the best opportunity & train you as a dentist adding sparkles to one’s smile, in a planned step by step manner including hands-on training with best of guidance.


  •  Detailed introduction of Skyce & its manufacture
  •  Selection of patient for dental jewellery
  •  Steps prior to the application
  •  Materials required
  •  Step by step Application procedure:

1. Complete cleaning of mouth

2. Application of primer

3. Application of adhesive agent

4. Application of skyce

  •  Post application instructions
  •  Explanation to queries of patients in relation to jewel applied
  •  Post operative care


Simply add one more skill to your profession with us & explore.