Periodontology course:

if you are not practicing periodontology it is missing piece in your practice

This periodontology course is planned and designed to develop periodontal surgical skills to general practitioners.
each procedure is trained step by step in detail with live demonstrations on patients .
and each participant also perform procedures on patients.
and this course is instructed by experienced periodontists.

periodontology course will enable participant  to do:

Principles  of diagnosis and treatment planning.
To understand Gingival and periodontal diseases.
prescribing medications in periodontal diseases.
Techniques of curettage & root planing
periodontal surgeries..
understanding surgical instruments
Incisions and suturing techniques
Flap types, flap designs
Flap surgeries
Crown lenghthening procedures.
Gingival recession and treatment
Bone graft selections and placement techniques
Lasers in periodontics

all the instruments and materials are supplied by academy.

at the end of the course along with participation certificate student will receive CD’S, reading materials,
and post course assistance will be provided via online for six months.

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