Orthodontic Training

Course Curriculum



Introduction to fixed orthodontics
Growth And Development.
Concept of Malocclusions class-1, class-2, class-3
Interceptive orthodontics
basic Bio mechanics and anchorage
clinical applications of instruments and materials in orthodontics
Removable Appliances


step by step Diagnosis and Treatment plan.
Space gaining treatment plan
cephalometric and model analysis
Order of treatment in different planes of occlusion
Growing and Non growing patient treatment plan
Stages of straight wire technique.
management of malocclusins class 1,2,3,deepbite,openbite and crossbite
retetion & replase.


Hands on practice

Model Analysis Practice on different casts.
cephalometric tracing practice
Banding steps and practice
Bracket placing Techniques and positioning errors
Arch Wire Bending Exercises.
Making of Wire Separators
Wire Separators and elastic separators placing Exercises on Models.& patients


Practicing of different Arch wire Placement
Consolidation Technique
Piggy back- Techniqie
De-bonding Procedure.
Permanent Anchorage Preparation with SS Wire Making Exercises
Habit Breaking Appliances fabrication
Soldering technique
Welding Exercises.


Applications of auxiliaries such as..
Elastics, E-Chain, open coil springs, closed coil springs, Elastic Modules,Ligature tying
Retention appliance Making Exercises
Expansion appliances
selection and placing of Pre Fabricated Bands


20 Case discussions, dealing with complicated cases,
Surgical orthodontics.
Mini Implants.
Recent Advancements in Orthodontics.
certificate award.