Endodontics training course curriculum is aimed to train general dentists to practice endodontics with accuracy,training also cover rotary endodontics and RCT complications, work with newer endodontic instruments and Rotary Endodontic Systems.

Endodontic Course Highlights:

Fundamental aspects in RCT.
Access cavity preparation for each tooth,
Tips to locate canal orifices,
Cleaning &shaping of root canals
Knowledge about different irrigating solutions
various intra canal medicaments used in RCT
Obturation methods both theory and practical demonstration.
Tips in RCT.(problems faced in access cavity preparation
cleaning &shaping and obturation
How to deal with calcified canals
Separated instruments Single sitting RCT
Rotary Endodontics
Endodontic surgeries
Each participant will practice on both dummies , models and on Patients. Study material, CD,s, Seminars and participation certificate provided at the end of the course.