Continuing Dental Education Programs In India.

Continuing dental education programs for dental professionals

To keep abreast with new technology and treat patients to their fullest.continuous learning is very essential.In today’s tech-savvy world a dental practitioner must embrace continuing dental education programs and  the latest trends and provide the best available diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic modalities to the patients. Even a well captured clinical photograph taken by a trained personnel will play a vital role in the overall treatment plan. Thus such skill enhancing workshops will definitely aid the dentist in improving the overall experience of their patients. A professional leadership programme for the clinicians may motivate one to lead his/ her team more effectively. Also,conducting workshops focusing on improving the overall well-being of the dentists is the healthy way to move forward. Nevertheless, current legislative laws mandates one to earn a minimum credit points and acquire certification which makes these CDEs’ an obligation for some.

Although, a number of professional enrichment programmes are being organized by the dental fraternity across India, there is little information available on the effectiveness of these programmes in changing clinical practice behaviour. Thus identifying and overcoming the limitations will facilitate positive outcomes in the provision of oral health care. Also, these professional enrichment programmes should not be limited to the clinicians but also include the other members of the dental team such as dental assistants, dental technicians and receptionist to create a more effective and efficient workplace. So the dilemma is whether continuing dental education is an obligation or a duty? It should be considered as a professional and ethical obligation. At the same time a responsibility of the practitioner to be a life-long learner which will help achieve higher standards towards patient care by continuing dental education programs. more on  cde programs can be found

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