Orthodontic practice entirely depends upon the diagnosis & proper treatment plan.

Moreover, the diagnostic tool of orthodontics is . Unless one knows about Cephalometrics, orthodontics is out of reach.

Therefore, to jump as an orthodontic, dentist should hold a command of Cephalometrics.

Nevertheless, problem comes from where to learn that too in a short period & simple manner.


OUR SINGLE DAY COURSE is going to brush up your skills as an orthodontic.

Includes the following: concept and Hands-on

Craniofacial growth

Identification of Cephalogram

Tracing techniques

Cephalometric points

Cephalometric lines & planes

Various Analysis & interpretation of tracing

Completion of course will fill you with entire knowledge of CEPH…… & you will be confident enough to start orthodontic treatment plans in a professional way.


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